Department of PEMAC


Mr Mohammed Risban

Welcome to the PEMAC department web page, where you will find valuable information about this prestige department. Our aptitude strive to provide an outstanding achievements for our students.

PEMAC is the acronym for Physical Education, Music and Art & Craft. The PEMAC department’s role is to promote the PEMAC subjects which adds balance to the emphasis on rote learning subjects.

 Every individual differ in IQ level however all individuals possess some form of extra ordinary skills that gives them the opportunity to excel in life hence the PEMAC department assists the students to portray and explore their specialty  to prepare them for life long success.

The department trains the students in three phases of life that is physical education, visual arts and performing arts.

 In this techno era, the department assists the students to keep themselves physically active by participating in several sporting activities and it creates the awareness among students on the importance of wellness. It also keeps the students connected to the traditional practice of craft work and keeps the traditional values alive while music also gives the opportunity to students to participate in religious practice.

Every child is given the opportunity to display their potential to the fullest as it takes the students beyond the classroom learning. These three subjects offer potential for alternative career choices to white collar jobs or farming.

A talent well explored can create interest in the students as a lifelong opportunity. Hence the department takes all opportunities to develop these skills in students that can assist them in exploring their talents and keeping them attached to their cultural values.

Department Teacher

Mrs Atelaite

Career opportunities

Professional trainers and coaches
Professional athletes
Match officials
Handy craft specialists