1.1       Tavua College is a Co-Educational Institution managed by the School Management Board. Every student enrolled at Tavua College must imbibe the moral values, ethics and Student code of conduct of MEHA and the School.

1.2      Prayer siren/bell announces absolute commitment to prayer for everyone.



The Tavua College Enrolment Scheme under the Zoning Policy shall apply for all admissions. While Admission procedures follow the admission criteria at each level, the final decision is the prerogative of the Principal.

2.1      Admission to Year 13.

2.2     Admission to Year 12.

2.3     Admission to Year 11.         As per MEHA’S Policy

2.4     Admission to Year 10.

2.5     Admission to Year 9.

(Please note: Admissions will be further subjected to MEHA policies as and when directed.)



3.1      A parent or legal guardian who enrolled the student must accompany the student wishing to withdraw from school.

3.2     A withdrawal form must be filled in and all sections must be completed before the Principal’s endorsement for clearance is obtained.

3.3     All text books and other resources issued from the school must be returned and all dues (for lost school text books and library books) for the year must be cleared to obtain clearance.

3.4     Any school Text Books misplaced must be replaced.

3.5     Once clearance is obtained, the administration process shall apply, should the student wish to return to Tavua College.

3.6     Enrollment Procedure

  1. Completion of an admission form in all respects.
  2. Original Birth Certificate attached.
  3. Clearance from previous school attached
  4. Femis Clearance
  5. A passport size Photo attached
  6. Annual Report attached
  7. Project Report / Marks (if applicable)
  8. Medical History (Mandatory requirement for Child Protection Policy)
  9. E-Ticketing Card Details
  10. TIN Letter/TIN Card
  11. Bank Details (Commercial studies subject requirements)
  12. Proof of Residence (Utility Bill / Declaration)



4.1      All communication with the school shall be done through the school office.

4.2     Visitors to the school must seek assistance of the office staff. No visitor is allowed to see students or go to the classroom without permission from the office.

4.3     Any family member who wants to see any student can do so with prior approval (written) from the parent or guardian who enrolled the child and approval must be then sought from the School Principal.

4.4     Change of guardian or parental status must be formalized through the office at the earliest.

4.5     Change of phone numbers/emergency numbers/residential address (whether temporary relocation or permanent) must be immediately relayed to the school office to update Femis records.

4.6     Students are not permitted to receive calls. Office staff may receive and relay important or emergency messages. In all instances, the School Office remains as a medium for communication.

4.7     Parents are required to respond to notice(s) served via child/student or any other means for consultation, discussion and counseling. It is highly recommended that parents and guardians make school meetings their priority.

4.8     Students are not permitted to use the school address for receiving personal mail. Any mail received through the school address, shall be censored.


5.1 Girls

5.1.1   White dress with cloth belt. The belt must be stitched to the dress. Dress length must reach 3 inches below the knees. Belt must be worn at all times. (Dress pattern: 6 parts)

5.1.2   Girls with long hair to wear hair plaited in two and tied up with white ribbons. No fringes are allowed.

5.1.3   Girls with short hair to wear them neatly trimmed above collar.

5.2 Boys

5.2.1   White short sleeve shirt and white shorts above the knee or sulu should be worn with side pockets. Only black belts are allowed.

5.2.2 Sulu and pants must be worn on the waist.

5.2.3 Boys to keep their hair neatly trimmed (school cut – Option 1 – No.1 on the side and No.2 on Top & Option 2 – No.2 on the side and No.3 on Top). Shaven head is not permitted except for ritual purposes.

5.2.4 No moustache, beard and sideburns are allowed. Sideburns must be up to eye level.

5.3     The College monogram MUST be stitched on the left pocket of the school uniform.

5.4     Physical Education Uniform is compulsory (Depending on House colors)

5.5     Footwear – Black sandals and shoes with white socks. No flip flops, canvas or boots etc, are allowed. For Girls; no gladiator and pumps are allowed.


6.1 In school.

6.1.1   English must be spoken at all times while in school except during vernacular lessons.

6.1.2   All students must be in school by 8:00 am.

6.1.3   School breaks off at 3:45 pm daily.

6.1.4   All students must be in their respective Forms doing silent study at their own seats during morning and afternoon study.

6.1.5   No movement in the classroom is allowed once the study begins.

6.1.6   Students must be seated in their classrooms quickly and quietly after recess and lunch sirens.

6.1.7   Students must queue at the canteen. No buying is permitted after recess, lunch or study sirens.

6.1.8   Students must dispose off rubbish responsibly.

6.1.9   No student is to go to the taps or toilets in between classes, except in case of emergency.

6.1.10  Random spot checks will be carried out on the prerogative of the Principal.

6.1.11  Any student carrying large sums of money for no valid reason shall be questioned. The school shall not be held responsible should any student lose money.

6.1.12  All offices (administration and teachers) and specialist rooms are out of bounds.

6.1.13  All staff quarters is out of bound during School hours.

6.1.14 All classes are to be held indoors when it is too wet to undertake outdoor activities.

6.1.15  Students shall not enter other classrooms except for instructional purposes.

6.1.16  Students changing classrooms must walk in a single file promptly and quietly on their right hand side. No one is allowed to visit convenience during this movement.

6.1.17  There should be no noise in-between classes.

6.1.18  Any illness or complaint during the lesson must be reported to the subject teacher who in turn will inform the Form Teacher immediately for proper course of action.

6.1.19  If a child is seriously ill, the parent or guardian will be informed to pick the child. The school does not have a ‘drop-home’ policy. However, for urgent cases like child suffering from asthma, teachers will take student (s) to the hospital urgently.

6.1.20 Students arriving late (after 8.00 am except if the school bus is late) must fill in a late arrival slip countersigned by the Assistant Principal before going to class. If the Assistant Principal is not available, the Vice Principal or the Principal should be approached.

6.1.21  If weather and ground conditions permit, the school assembly shall be held once every week.

6.1.22 All students must attend the school assembly except those unable to do so due to medical reasons. Such students are to sit in front of the Office and participate accordingly.

6.1.23 Students should be quiet and orderly during assemblies.

6.1.24 Safety regulations and instructions must be followed at all times to ensure the personal safety and the safety of others.

6.1.25 Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) signboard rules must be followed at all times as preventive measures to injury or accidents.

6.1.26 Students must be familiar with the Child Protection Policy of Tavua College

6.1.27 Students must be familiar with the Schools Emergency Evacuation Plan at all times for any disaster.

6.1.28 The College will not take responsibility for mishaps and injury sustained due to students’ carelessness or negligence.

6.1.29 Chewing gum is not allowed in the school premises.


6.2     Travelling to and from School.

6.2.1   All students must follow the Road Safety Rules.

6.2.2  All students must follow: Home →School→Home

6.2.3  All students must assemble in their respective lines for afternoon dispersal.

6.2.4  Students not travelling by bus should come to school straight from home and go home straight after school.

6.2.5  Students must walk in a line on the right hand side of the road or on the walk way to school or home.

6.2.6  Students are not to loiter around on their way to school or home. All students waiting for their bus shall wait at the bus stand. No student to be in market or any other shop in town, should any student want to purchase anything then they need a written concern countersigned by AP, VP or Principal.

6.2.7  Students are not to cross playfields, gardens, hedges and greens.

6.2.8  All students must travel by the earliest school bus available.

6.2.9  Students must not misbehave (shouting, laughing, putting hands and arms out of school bus windows, playing) while travelling on the bus.

6.2.10 Damage to public transport by students will be dealt as a criminal offence and the matter referred to the relevant authorities (LTA/Police, Ministry Of Education).


7.1      All students must be regular to school with a minimum of 90% attendance.

7.2     If a student is unable to attend school for more than 2 consecutive days, he/she needs to bring a medical certificate. The parent/ guardian must notify the School the reason for absence by phone or letter and in person for other reasons.

7.3     A prior written application by parent/legal guardian to the Principal is mandatory should a parent/legal guardian wish to take his/her child ward away from school during school hours. In such case, the parent must pick the child from the school.

7.4     Students absent from school are to produce an explanatory note signed by the parent/legal guardian.

7.5     Students regularly absent shall be counseled and may be conditionally enrolled for the following academic year.


8.0       BEHAVIOR

8.1      All students must uphold the good name of the school at all times.

8.2      No student is permitted to drive any vehicle to school at any time.

8.3     Students must obey and respect the staff, school officials, patrols, prefects and carry out duties assigned by them.

8.4      Students must address teachers by Mr., Mrs., Miss and their surnames.

8.5     Students found loitering in town or playing truant will be disciplined and recorded.

8.6      No swear words or vulgar language is to be used on anyone.

8.7     Electronic gadgets like mobile phones, walkman, cameras, radio, MP3 players, sound box, IPODS, CD player, I phones, laptops and computer games are not allowed. Prior approval must be sought from the School Principal if a student intends to bring laptop or mobile.

8.7.1   There will be random spot-checks on USBs.

8.7.2 Harmful substances like glue (used for sniffing) mirage, manic chand, sukhi, perfumes and fireworks are not allowed.

The student shall have a STUDENT MOVEMENT PASS.

8.7.3  Weapons like matches, knives, daggers, razor blades or any object with sharp edges are prohibited.

8.7.4  Possessing or circulating dirty literature like pornographic magazines will lead to severe disciplinary action.

8.8    Only required stationery is to be brought by students to school.

8.9    There shall be zero tolerance for any form of bullying (Physical, Verbal, Cyber).

8.10  Indecent assault, forgery, stealing, cheating, gambling, smoking, insubordination, adverse publicity, fighting, harassment, disobedience, littering, inciting others, spreading rumors, lying, whistling, loud noise( howling and loud laughter) will be treated as very serious offences and will warrant serious counseling, parental intervention and referred to the External disciplinary committee (Ministry of Education)

8.11    Any student found coming late constantly; neglecting homework, misbehaving, disturbing students, skipping classes and irregular attendance will be counselled regularly.

8.12    Romantic relationship is strictly forbidden. Any form of sexual offence will be treated as serious and disciplinary action will be taken. Both hinder mental focus and adversely affect academic performance.

9.0     DUTIES

9.1    Every student will be assigned duties (classroom, weeding, emptying rubbish bins, compound area cleaning, toilet duties, road patrol, specialist rooms and during special functions)

9.2   Weekly duties will be carried out by Forms on rotational basis throughout the year.



10.1     All students must take care of school property at all times.

10.2   Students must take good care of the furniture, text books and library books issued to them at the beginning of the year.

10.3   Any damage or breakage must be reported immediately to the teacher in-charge or Form teacher.

10.4    Any deliberate damage has to be fully compensated for either in cash or suitable replacement.

10.5    Students must not practice graffiti (i.e. write, draw, sketch, scribble and make footprints) on the walls, convenience, textbooks, furniture, notice boards, etc.

10.6    There will be zero tolerance for vandalism (damaging electrical switches, taps, fans, louvers, toilet facilities, classroom partitions and graffiti)

10.7    Students must keep away from vehicles parked on the school premises.

10.8    Students are not allowed to pick any flower, fruits or vegetables from the school compound for personal use.



11.1     All students must sit for all the exams conducted at their respective levels.

11.2     All examination regulations must be followed at all times.

11.3   No student is allowed to take any written material with him or her in the examination hall.

11.4    Students are to be in proper and complete uniform on all days of the examination (internal and external).

11.5    All procedures for internal examination shall be guided by the school’s Internal Examination Policy.



12.1    All students must do homework and holiday assignments. They must familiarize themselves with the schools homework and home study policies.

12.2    All homework must be done at home and on time.

12.3    All students must plan their study well and work according to the targets and the set bench mark.

12.4    All students must learn to manage time well and not to procrastinate.

12.5    All students must have their notes, projects and task requirements relating to school work up to date at all times.

12.6    Year 9 and 10 students must spend two and a half hours on homework and study daily.

12.7   Year 11, 12 and 13 students must spend three and half hours daily on homework and study.

12.8  Every student should read a book fortnightly and submit the book review to English teachers for assessment.



13.1    Parents play an important role in the education of their children and have a responsibility to support the efforts of the school staff in maintaining a safe and respectful learning environment for all students.

Parents/Guardians are expected to:

  1. Show an active interest in their child/ward’s school work and progres.
  2. Ensure that their child/wards are neatly and appropriately dressed to school
  3. Foster good values in their child/ward
  4. Communicate regularly with the school to check on the child/ children/ ward’s progress
  5. Provide their child/ward with balanced breakfast and school lunch on time
  6. Support their child/ward’s academic challenges
  7. Monitor their child /ward’s academic activities
  8. Attend all parent /teacher interviews and CAPS Meetings.
  9. Attend promptly when requested to participate in any discussion regarding child/wards activities in school
  10. Be aware and support the Ministry of Education’s initiative in providing children with compulsory education for twelve years.


14.0    GENERAL

14.1   Students are to wear the proper school uniform on school days or while representing the school at public functions and Saturday classes.

14.2    Only white vests to be worn.

14.3    All students must keep their fingernails short and clean. Nail polish and henna are not permitted.

14.4     Students are not allowed to use fancy hair clips, hair dye, hair food, gel, makeup, strong perfumes, lip gloss or lipstick. Jewelry, hanging earrings and bali are not permitted. However, girls may wear a pair of small plain golden or silver ear studs. Deodorants may be used.

14.5    Fashionable/ colourful wrist watches are not allowed.

14.6  Any jersey/pullover/jumper that is worn during winter season should be plain colour without stickers/pictures/prints.

14.7   Tattooing is not permitted.