Department of Industrial Arts


Mr Praneel Prasad

HOD Industrial Arts

“In order to create a sustainable world, we need to:
          1) Educate people.
          2) Educate people.
          3) Educate people.
For every person left uneducated about the system of this sphere, the nature will make us all pay for it. Sustainability can only start in the mind.”― A. Togay Koralturk


Our current situation as a global village means we either make it together or fall on our own. Therefore, it has never been more important to take our jobs as educators seriously to ensure a sustainable future for everyone.

The industrial Arts department has a unique position in providing education that extends beyond the classroom. When a student chooses Technical Drawing or Applied Technology we envision a life for them; one than ensures a stable income and fulfilling sustainable life. This belief that we can provide students with skills they can use beyond the classroom is the most fulfilling aspect of a teacher’s teaching life.

The department’s shared belief is in its conjoint capability to organise and execute the courses of action required to produce given levels of achievement. Armed with tools and the know-how, unsurpassed and sincere, the department was blessed with a team of dedicated teachers in 2020.

There were many activities note-worthy such as:

Secondary Schools Robocon Competition

The first of its kind in Fiji and a once in lifetime opportunity for our students and teachers. The students and teachers made our school proud by being chosen as one of the top five schools in Fiji to pitch their idea on the national stage of robotics. The competition was organised by the University of the South Pacific in conjunction with the Ministry of Education, Heritage and Arts. Zarin Sharfaraaz Ali, Xi Li Lui, Divnesh Ashneel Prakash and Ronish Naidu represented the school in Suva, and were placed third overall in the competition.

Workshop Upgrade

As part of the Technical Drawing and Applied Technology requirements, the students and teachers undertook the mammoth task of upgrading the workshop. The students and teachers were thoroughly involved in the tiling and painting of the workshop. It goes without saying that everyone did a remarkable job. The workshop is truly a conducive place for study and productive learning. All involved have learnt a tremendous amount of skills which will no doubt facilitate the theoretical teaching that has been ongoing. This kind of work ensures our mission of holistic development is met.


The Fijian Government is committed to Sustainable Development Goal 4 which calls for Quality Education that promotes the improvement in the standards of skill based learning in schools and to promote lifelong learning. This is the main of the TEST and Enterprise Week. On conjunction the MEHA’s the department desires to train students not only to gain technical but also enterprising skills which will enable them to have a mindset of creating jobs in the future.

Projects and Practical Classes

A large component of a child’s education in the Industrial Arts Department is hands-on learning in which we teach students how to make things that they may in future turn into money making schemes. Practical classes allow them to practice what they learn theoretically.

Department Goals in External Examinations

“Some people dream of success while others wake up and work”

This year the department as a whole has made a collective decision to attain a 100% pass at all levels of the final examinations.

The teachers and students are well on their way to achieve this goal. With a teaching fraternity as diverse as ours; we are sure to have a very good outcome.

Department Motto

“Focus on the possibilities for success not on the potential for failure”.

One cannot prosper without the challenges life throws at us. So it is important that one focuses on the possibilities in knowing that all hard work will be rewarded.

Mr. Vinay Kumar

Mr. Abel Naicker

Mr Tevita Verebasaga

Careers Opportunities

Students can further pursue their education in these areas:

-Land surveyor (also known as Cadastral Surveyor)
-Engineering surveyor
-Mining surveyor
-Hydrographic (Bathymetric) surveyor
-Geodetic surveyor
-Aerial (Photogrammetry and remote sensing)
-Interior Designer
-Joiner               -Carpenter
-Teacher            -Pilot
-Electrician       -Sea captain
-Shipmaster      -Aerospace Engineer
-Automotive Engineer
-Biomedical Engineer
-Chemical Engineer
-Civil Engineer
-Computer Engineer
-Drafting and Design Engineer
-Electrical Engineer
-Environmental Engineer
-Geological Engineer
-Marine Engineer
-Mechanical Engineer
-0Petroleum Engineer


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