Welcome To Tavua College

Dear Parents, Guardians and Our Students.

Greetings to You All!

After months of school closure , it is a delight to WELCOME all of Our Students back into the classrooms on 4th January, 2022. The extensive preparation and planning put into making school re-entry safe and welcoming for ALL STUDENTS is a testament to the care and commitment of all our Staff and the School Management . Our aim for the first day  is to normalize the school day, allowing and re-engaging positive connections with students and staff, all of which is essential for a way  forward.

Thank you to ALL Parents and Guardians for helping to prepare your child/ward for the first day of school, as this will have a massive impact in helping to make 2022 school year successful.

Please kindly note that Covid Safe Protocols are in place and we strongly advise our students to adhere to the following:

1.Wear Masks at ALL  Times.

2.Practise Good Hygiene  by Washing Hands Regularly and Sanitizing More Often.

3.Avoid Sharing of Lunch, Water Bottles and Stationeries.

4.Stay Home if Feeling Unwell.

The students will be informed of the Expections on the 1st day and we are confident that all our students will abide by the protocols.

We are CERTAIN in being able to start the school year positively. At times there may be some communication challenges with masks, regulation  re-entry BUT We All Will Manage Together.

We want Our students to feel safe and cared for, and we encourage our Parents and Guardians to visit school if there are issues faced by the students.There should not be any barriers to students return to school.

We also encourage all our students to get fully vaccinated.

Also note that the students will remain  in the same class thus the same note books will be used. We are also requesting the students to take care of the Text Books.

To All Our Years 12 and 13 Students, ATTENDANCE and PUNCTUALITY need to be Prioritized as we prepare for the Annual and External Examinations. We need strong support from the Parents and Guardians in ensuring that our Year 12 and 13 Students are present in school daily.

Finally, do redeem the E-Ticketing Card to avoid disappointment on the 1st day.

Kind Regards To All.

Let’s Come Together To Make 2022 An Amazing Year For OUR Students .


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Message From The Principal

We All Can Work; But Together We Win.

Mrs Vikashni Sharma

It is my honor and privilege to lead Tavua College. This institution is very dear to me as I have spent most years of my teaching career here. It is one of the high performing large secondary schools in the nation with more than 950 students, 56 teaching staff and 7 support staff. The massive infrastructure speaks volume of the school and its achievements to date.

Education at its most exceptional is built on relationships. As such, we continuously foster relationships with students, parents, guardians and other stakeholders alike in order to create a meaningful and connected learning opportunity for our students.  This is further developing a unique path to educate every child under our care. The school has continued with its tradition to be an outstanding school nationally across all academic, cultural and sporting areas.  At an exceptional we have achieved collectively a lot in all facets of education. In addition, students are displaying good studentship habits both at the College and at the EST (Vocational) Centre with the exception of few who are been dealt according to the School’s Behavioral Management Policy. Majority of our students continue to value the encouraging learning environment that the school offers to them. Individually and collectively, we are providing every opportunity to our children at this institution to explore their talents and the results have been remarkable to date.

I am indeed grateful to my students who have aptly adapted to Covid Safety Protocols implemented by the School in conjunction with MEHA and MOHMS. It is also pleasing to note that majority of the students well-adjusted to the Virtual Teaching and Learning Platform during the prolonged school closure. Even with the resumption of face to face classes, the students are still facilitated with resource materials and accessing revisional materials from the School Moodle Platform.

“Believe and Achieve” has been the embedded theme which continuously reminds the students and teachers of the high expectations for the year.  We strongly believe that when our students leave school, they not only graduate with tremendous communication, quantitative and creative problem solving skills but with a connection to and empathy for the world beyond our College.

I would like to acknowledge the support of the School Management. Appreciation is also extended to the Ministry of Education, Heritage and Arts Officials at the Head Quarters, the Divisional Education Officer, Western and the Senior Education Advisor, Ba/Tavua Education District Office and his support staff. The Ex-Scholars especially Mr Pravin Kumar of Lotus Foreign Exchange for contributing enormously towards the construction of the School Auditorium are thanked for their assistance. The Business Houses, Service Providers, Sponsors, Principals, Head Teachers, Police Department, Social Welfare Department, District Office, Medical Team, Parents, Guardians and other Partner Agencies are wholeheartedly thanked for their co-operation. Rotary Fiji Schools Project Coordinator is also thanked for the generous contributions to the school.

The Vice Principal and Assistant Principal with my dynamic team of teachers, ancillary staff and good students, we are optimistic of achieving the set targets for this year. However, it is a humble plea to those parents/guardians who do not prioritize their children’s education to change their mindset and turn up for parental meetings for the benefit of their children. Every parent plays pivotal role and my plea to all is to please ensure that your child’s attendance to school is punctual. Now that the Ministry for Education has taken the financial burden from the parents, the responsibility is on us to ensure our children are in the school. Our children are in the digital era, however, nothing can stop us from fulfilling our roles more responsibly as Motivators and Supervisors for “Our Children.”

Finally, I would like to extend my deepest sympathies to all those associated with Tavua College and have lost their loved ones this year.

To all viewers, I wish to invite you to visit the College, as you will feel the familial warmth and love for learning that is part of what makes Tavua College, the exceptional school it is.

A Blessed 2022 to one and all.

Other Activities


Saraswati Pooja – held every term

Holi – festival of colors

Shiv Raatri – Lord Shiva’s Worship

Ram Naumi – Celebrate the Birth of Lord Ram

Easter – Resurrection of Lord Jesus from dead

Eid – Festival of Breaking the Fast

Diwali – The Festival of Lights


Interhouse Athletics Meet

Tavua/Rakiraki/Nadarivatu Zone Meet

Coke Games

Inter-District Soccer

Rugby Union


School Activities

Prefects Induction



Library Week

Fiji Day

Childrens Day

Teachers Day

Annual Awards Day