Department of Home Economics


Mrs Dipika Chand
HOD : Home Economics

As stated by Eleanor Roosevelt, Home – Economics taught today has a background of scientific training because only in this way real efficieny can be achieved.


It is indeed a great honor for the Home – Economics department to welcome you to the webpage of the Department of Home – Economics. As an applied and multi-disciplinary subject, it provides students with a wide range of learning experiences and the knowledge, understanding and skills necessary for living as individuals and as members of a family.

The field represents many disciplines including nutrients, nutrition, food preparation and service, family economics, money management, human development,  consumer textiles,  apparel design etc.

The faculty aims to provide the integration and application of theoretical knowledge combined with the development of practical skills.

Learning and Teaching Home – Economics facilitates students in appreciating the importance of safe and hygienic practices in the home and elsewhere.

The Home Economics curriculum provides students with opportunities to understand basic human necessities and to study the well-being of individuals, families, and societies, building up their awareness of the various dimensions affecting well-being.

In addition, the curriculum at the senior secondary level prepares students for further studies, for work or both. The curriculum at this level will therefore aim to strike a balance between breadth and depth and to respond to current social, economic, and technological developments, both globally and locally.

The Vision of the department is to inculcate in students the skills needed for a worthwhile living. The mission is to provide a peaceful and resourceful environment that promotes the development of competent and skilled students.

Department Teachers

1. Arti

2. Shivani

Career Opportunities

-Social Researches
-Family Counselors
-Home & Interior Designers
-Food Analyst
-Quality Controllers/ Quality Assurance Officer
-Food Lab Technicians
-Food Industrialist
-Menu Designers
-Restaurant Owners
-Pattern Maker
-Textile / Fashion Designer
-Sales Agent
-Garment Technologist
-Fabric Merchandiser
-Fabric Technologist (Woven)
-Fabric Graphic Designer
-Manager – Fabric Purchasing, Managing, Planning And Production
-Screen Printers
-Embroidery Crafter
-Banquet Designers
-Wardrobe Planners