Department of Agriculture


Mr Praneel Kumar
HOD Agriculture

“When tillage begins, other arts follow. The farmers, therefore, are the founders of human civilization.” – Daniel Webster

It is indeed a great honor for the Agriculture Science department to welcome you to the webpage of the Department of Agriculture Science. At this juncture you will find valuable information about research, academic programs and career opportunities for Agriculture students.

Studying Agriculture as a subject will provide students with a wide range of learning experiences and the knowledge, understanding and skills necessary for living as individuals and as members of a family.

Agriculture is the Science or practice of farming, including cultivation of the soil for the growing of crops and the rearing of animals to provides foods for the entire population of a country which helps to connects and interacts with all the related industries of that country.

Furthermore, Agriculture is a fundamental source of income for developing nation that exists on this globe. Not only because of it provides food for our daily life, but mostly all the industries in the country depend on agriculture both directly and indirectly. Agricultural Education is the teaching of Agriculture, natural resources and land use management and is undertaken to prepare students for employment in Agricultural sector.

The faculty aims to provide the integration and application of theoretical knowledge combined with the development of practical skills. The adoption of Agricultural Science in school curriculum helps in Social, Economical and Environmental development of our nation.

The learning of Agricultural Science at Tavua College has given students an opportunity to develop and appreciate for an interest in field of Agriculture and to establish a basic foundation for students who wish to study Agriculture at Tertiary levels.

Considering the need for exposure, department displays were organized during the TEST week to enhance learning and promotion of Agriculture as a subject. The practical sessions urge students to augment their own capabilities by emphasizing on activity based farming.

Department Members


Sitting: Mr. Praneel Kumar
Standing (L-R): Mrs. Timaleti Waqa, Mrs. Neetal Pillay, Mrs. Kesaia Tamanivalu

Careers Opportunities

Agricultural Engineer      Agricultural Food Scientist
Agricultural Inspector     Agricultural Manager
Agricultural Specialist      Agronomist
Aquatic Ecologist               Arborist
Beekeeper                            Botanist
Conservation Planner        Conservationist
Biologist                                 Fishery Manager
Forest Firefighter                 Forest Health Specialist
Forest Ranger                       Forester
Horticulturalist                    Horticulture Technician
Landscaper                            Municipal Forester
Nutrient Management Specialist
Park Ranger                          Plant Biologist
Plant Ecologist                      Ranch Manager
Silvicultural Researcher      Soil And Plant Scientist
Soil Engineer                         Water Conservationist
Water Management Planner / Quality Specialist
Wetlands Biologist               Wetlands Designer
Wildlife Administrator        Wildlife Consultant
Wildlife Forensics                 Wildlife Inspector
Wildlife Manager                   Wildlife Officer


Lettuce harvest
Mrs Vikashni and Mr Praneel